Do you find it difficult to hear Voice mails? Do not have a head
phone at office? Do you wish to convert the voice mail to text? So, your wish is going to be granted very soon 🙂

From Techrepublic:

One indication that voice-recognition technology is getting hot is the recent Microsoft/Tellme deal. In March, Microsoft said it would buy privately held speech-recognition maker Tellme Networks in a deal believed to be in the range of $800 million. Tellme recently started testing a cell phone application that allows people to say out loud the information they are looking for and have data sent to their phone.

“Voice is still the killer application for any phone,” said Charles Golvin, an analyst with Forrester Research. “And it is underappreciated as an opportunity and underutilized for development of new services. Carriers can use voice applications to drive data-oriented experiences.”

So, now its all easy – with latest services like SimulScribe and SpinVox the voice message is converted to text message.. So, now if your boss has left u a voice mail regarding a client’s phone number, you no need to take the scribbling pad to note down the number, the latest services will do the job of converting them to text and it will be there in your inbox for ever.. Isnt it an amazing feature 😉

SimulScribe also allows users to save and listen to messages as a voice mail or a .wav file in an e-mail inbox. The company is already providing its voice to text service to Skype users. And it’s expected to announce a deal to provide the service to Vonage customers later this year.

SpinVox, which offers a similar service in Europe, announced recently that Cincinnati Bell will offer its Voice-to-Screen service that provides transcribed voice mail messages via SMS text messages and e-mail.

Last week, the company also announced a new mobile blogging service it calls Spin-my-Blog, which allows bloggers to instantly post spoken blog entries from anywhere. By simply using any phone to call a designated Spin-my-Blog phone number, bloggers are automatically connected to their blogs and their spoken entries are converted to text and posted on their blog sites live.

A company called CallWave also announced its voice-to-text service last week. Unlike SpinVox and SimulScribe, which provide direct transcriptions of voice-mail messages, CallWave only provides the gist of messages.

While analysts agree that a new wave of voice-recognition services is coming on the scene, some say the technology and business cases are still evolving. For one, accuracy of transcribed messages can still be an issue in some instances, said Roger Entner, a telecommunications analyst at Ovum Research.


Many of you might have also used Koders.. For those who are not aware of what koders are – Koders are a good platform to search codes in various languages and also based on license..

Now, Koders have come up with a new product called Koders Professional edition With the Pro Edition, individuals and small teams can build code search into their very own private developer networks.

Participation in the beta program, which includes a download of the newly-developed code search application, is free with registration at the Koders website:

Interesting facts about Koders: Wins Jolt Product Excellence & Productivity Award

CMP Technology announced the winners of the 17th annual Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards during the Awards Ceremony at last week’s Software Development West 2007 Conference and Expo. took home the Productivity Award in the Websites and Developer Networks category

The Jolt Awards, sponsored by Dr. Dobb’s Journal, honor products that have redefined a genre or solved a problem that has previously eluded a solution. A complete list of the 17th annual Jolt Award winners is available at

EMC Developer Networks Adds CodeSearch

The EMC Developer Network (EDN) recently added a code search feature on their site per their March Newsletter. The Editor of the EDN site wrote about it in his regular column.

“Now I’m pleased to announce new functionality that we feel will significantly speed up finding relevant code hosted by EDN… taking a lot of the detective work out of the process”, said Alan Zenreich, Editor of the EMC Developer Network Site.

The code search functionality has indexed over 300,000 lines of code in the EDN already. Read more about what Alan has to say about the new code search feature or, better yet, you can give the new feature a spin for yourself at

Just found an interesting PDF document by Ken Noblitt in Techrepublic – Its a document on the comparison between the IEEE 802.11 and bluetooth.. Found it while searching articles on ad-hoc networks in bluetooth.. You need to register with techrepublic to read the document and its totally free of cost and worth joining as a member.. You can find many interesting articles here..

My Friend Daisy gave a link and it was a letter to Web 2.0 in social signal

Check out – Its too hilarious and very creative 🙂

A Web 2.0 Valentine

My Web 2.0 darling,

I really digg you. When I wink at you, it’s not just a Social Signal; I’m trying to tell you that you’re the Apple of my eye.


I used to dabble db in love; I’d StumbleUpon something and call it love, but now I know love indeed. Whenever we meetup, I go all Google-eyed. You hit me like a Bolt of lightning, and took me to QLOUD nine. From my standpoint you’re a Supernova; you made my heart Rupture and now I’d Change Everything in a snap if you asked.


But why change when iLike 43 Things AboutUs: how you yelp with gusto!; how every moment is eventful; how we’re turNing into a tribe of two; how you fill myspace with happiness; how we’re Linkedin to each other in the most meaningful ways. It seems that with every passingSecond Life becomes bryghter.


NowPublic displays of affection hold no fear for me. Say you’ll be mine foRevver, and we’ll be Consumating before you know it.

I could continue these riffs but all you need to know is that my love for you will never flickr; in fact every upcoming moment makes me want to yell Yahoo!

With love, Your Valentine

The open source browser of Mozilla, Firefox will now have various new features in its versions 3.0 and 4.0. Mozilla released the firefox 3.0 second alpha version in February. I have been using Firefox since it was released and sticked on to it since then.

1. The new updates of 2.0 contains some cool features like live spell check which really comes in handy for me. But have always faced problems while running advanced Java Scripts. But Mozilla has announced to support the Java scripts in its 4.0 version.

2. Firefox will now solve your problem of being unable to type your emails offline. Yes, now Firefox will integrate to Gmail, Hotmail enabling the users to type their mails offline and send it whenever they get connected to the internet. According to Schroepfer, the Vice President for engineering for Mozilla in PC World article

So far, engineers have made Firefox work with Zimbra, an open-source e-mail, messaging and VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) application. With a bit of code from Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp., it would be possible to integrate with Gmail and Hotmail and other e-mail services.

He added, There has been little innovation in managing the bookmarks and history as it will be automatically shuffled and organized according to the frequency and popularity rather than the static presentation. Also it will include a small SQL Database that will be useful to search and maintain the cache. Users can search for various images, files etc.

Also, Mozilla will soon set up a shared library of tested code that extension writers can download and use, Schroepfer said. Mozilla also relaunched its extension site, cutting back on the number of extensions listed so first-time users don’t overload their browsers and dampen their experience – This is because they have been receiving complaints on the performance ability of the firefox which is reduced due to the extensions.

So, lets all look forward for this new experience 🙂

Microsoft has come up with ceritification for Windows Vista Logo program where a product is certified for having high reliability, security and compatibility on Vista. So, any product which has the Vista logo enables to identify that it is compatible with Vista and provides high quality experience possible.

According to the program:

The Certified for Windows Vista program will:

  • Help the product owners deliver the best Windows Vista experience by building greater quality into the applications.

  • Provide an opportunity to differentiate the products in the market segment.

  • Support with resources that reduce the cost of developing high-quality software.

The logo is displayed on the product and thus it benifits the customers to differentiate the product from others.

There is a list which Microsoft released which contains 100 products which have already been certified with the logo.

All this is fine, but I am still not much satisfied with the third party plugins allowed by Microsoft on Vista. I have not used it, but those who have been using it – complaint about the inability of using Yahoo Voice Conference and other issues. I hope Microsoft comes up with solutions for such problems..


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